With Amplify Pledge, you get a strategic, community-centered partnership with real people and causes that resonate with audiences.

Authentic, purpose-driven storytelling is a non-negotiable in this moment – so let us by the extension of your communications strategy as we build a collective vision that centers tangible social change.

The Challenges

Movements have a content and amplification problem.

Social impact-oriented content often fails to engage new audiences and doesn’t connect back to the cultural conversations already happening.

Social movements have moments, then move on.

Sometimes the national conversation shifts, but without solid storytelling infrastructure, the drumbeat you’re trying to build fades out and fails to build into systemic change.

No one invests enough in narrative infrastructure.

67% of Americans see social media as crucial for maintaining movements. You need to connect the topics on the hearts and minds of your audience to the issue areas they support.

Our Solution

We solve your need for quality content and strategic amplification.

Spotlight your movement, engage with key audiences, and connect to the ongoing dialogues you wish to ignite (and continue to feed). Amplify the stories that center the experiences, activism, and realities of young, multicultural changemakers.

We turn moments into movements.

You need a storytelling infrastructure that builds and sustains the drumbeat for systemic change. We weave together the art and the expertise of social impact activists to create a digital marketing and engagement practice to drive that change. Distribute content through a network influencers, allies, and folks connected to your purpose.

We ignite action online and offline.

Translating the message into digestible content is critical. Your investment in our focused marketing resources will increase engagement both online and in real life. Produce timely, culturally-relevant campaigns that inform, inspire, and move your audience to take meaningful action.

So shift the conversation. Create for change. Meet people where they are.

Ready to mobilize millions?

Choose Your Tier


Take the Amplify Pledge by becoming a member organization.

Contribute to a calendar of upcoming social impact-focused content that our network distributes

Receive access to an amplification dashboard which includes messaging, talking points, graphics, amplification toolkits, and content to engage in timely calls to action

Join virtual and in-person experiences to connect with other Amplifiers and deepen your connections with other nonprofit leaders


Align your organization with our digital-first social impact campaigns.

Sign on as a partner to Amplify Pledge’s existing campaigns which allows you to be directly integrated into content and feature your network

Join issue-specific group calls to connect with likeminded changemakers and access curated, cross-sector content.


Be a catalyst for lasting change. Collaborate with Amplify Pledge to create a custom campaign that mobilize your audiences or network. Think of as the extension of your digital communications and social impact strategies.

Engage the Amplify Pledge team for end-to-end support, strategy, and content production to develop a bespoke campaign that authentically meets young, multicultural audiences where they are.

Invite our network of changemakers to speak to your team, employee resources groups, and events


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